Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sundays, gotta love them too, or another boring art post!

OK, so!

The back?  It's bettaaaahhh!!!!

And thank goodness for that.  Still being cautious, but I am fine!  A big fat YAHOO on that one too, I can finally stop lounging in bed all the time and chairs have become comfortable rather than instruments of torture, all good.

The man and I went into BCN today, though we had seperate agenas.  The man went to the Archaeology museum, and I had thought to go to MACBA, the contemporary art museum, but was also debating exploring the Centre d'Arts Santa Mónica at the foot of La Rambla.  They have got to have the SINGLE most annoying website I have ever had the misfortune to visit and anyone with epilepsy or a vulnerability to flashing lights had best avoid it. You can see it here.

Despite this wildly inauspitious beginning, the museum itself was fantastic.  Very very thought provoking and the architectural work was really interesting.  It it a somewhat schizophrenic building, some stairwells are very old and quite shabby, sort of high school feeling, others are amazing architectural wonders.  Whatever.

If you go, they have decided to go all artsy-fartsy with the floors and lighting on the ground floor exhibition, uneven levels, with very low light and black carpets.  This means that you find yourself stumbling and staggering around the exhibition.  If it were a show designed to make us feel uneasy and uncomfortable, well, that would makes sense, but it is a show about a Catalan poet so it simply serves as a rather dangerous distraction.  Though it does slow the viewers down effectively.

That said the two other shows were good (first floor) and fascinating (second floor)  The second floor show was about a Swiss program that put artists into cutting edge scientific labs and see what emerges from it. REALLY neat stuff, part of what was excellent was listening to the scientists and the artists in interview discussing the process, the learning that both sides took on and the interaction between hard science and fantastic art.  Very very neat.

5 stars and a safety warning.


J.G. said...

Glad to hear your back is better. Good thing, too, otherwise you would have been risking your health in those weird museum set-ups. Sounds like the curators are trying to be too hip for their own good.

Anonymous said...

Also glad that your back is better :)

oreneta said...

JG, I'm mighty glad too! Too hip for our hips too!

ElP, thanks!