Saturday, January 15, 2011

Out and about today

We went off to both Girona and Besalú!

WONDERFUL day. Here's some pics:

This is what is left of a fireplace in Girona, somehow, I loved it.

According to Eldest, who did a class trip here which she apparently remembers verbatum, this statue on the side of Girona Cathedral is known as the witch and is the likeness of an old woman who came and berated the men working on the building of the cathedral at some time.  Now she's famous!

A little fish carved into a railing near the cathedral.

Girona has a lovely river and beautiful houses over the edges of it.

Besalú is a tiny medieval town that used to once be the same size as Girona, but didn't really grow all that much.  The new photo on my header is the most notable example of the bridge there.  They also have a mikvah, the oldest one in Spain, and was an amazing find when they came across it.  Sadly it was closed when we were there.

A view of the town from the bridge.

A fragment of stonework, I can only assume it is real, but maybe not.

The town was full of these little stone walkways.

The three arches.  A number of the narrower pathways had arches between the bulging buildings, this one was quite lovely too.


Really lovely.


Anonymous said...

Very nice indeed, great pictures once again :)

Trish said...

All that ancient stone work is something to behold. wow.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful. We must go, but what's a Mikvah? (I know look it up!)
Sea Dog

Helen said...

Lovely - it makes me even more excited about going to Cordoba in March

J.G. said...

Looks like a great trip. The three arches are so interesting. I wonder who thought of making each one different, or if they are old enough that they actually show advances in engineering.

kate said...

Very nice! I was in Girona once, pre-children, but haven't seen the other place. As always, I love your photos!

Anonymous said...

Woooow .... Gorgeous!!!

Tya said...

This is just SO beautiful and the history is So rich! :D

Tya said...

ps: and I LOVE the new header! ;)

oreneta said...

Sorry for the non-response, must have been exhausted!

Glad you all enjoyed it so much and glad you like the header Tya!