Thursday, January 27, 2011


Still no voice

Still no heat

Still no gas

The man's not still sick though

The butane canisters are still full though

The kids are still wonderful though

So I guess that overall, it's all OK.


Mother Theresa said...

Looks like things balance out a little...still, I hope you get your voice back soon, and heat and gas too.

Nomad said...

Oooohhhh...are you sick?
I am sorry.
We have just emerged from influenza fever hell...
R is still in bed...he went to his bed LAST SATURDAY....but thankfully is on the mend.
Hope you are too! Big Hug!!

oreneta said...

Things are pretty balanced Mother T,on the whole, pretty balanced.

Nomad, sick, no. No voice and a resulting cough. I sound like a man who's smoked to many cigarettes and drank too much gin and whisky. Honestly, I can sing baritone right now. R has been in bed a WEEK!?!?!?!?! The poor thing, poor you too, what timing. Hugs to you all.


Anonymous said...

Yes glad to hear you ARE talking, even though as a baritone...(I first wrote BRA-itone !! which of course must only be be the antithesis to a baritone...LOL) we must recognize the good after all...
Yes poor R has been in bed a week...poor soul, he REALLY needs cheering up, super wicked flu, he is all out of energy, we thought he had meningitis, he was SO 103-104 for 3 whole 9 yds...
We even carted the blow up bed into the living room for him tonight, he was feeling SO lonely...if u have 2 mins to call tom to say hello especially for him would be SO appreciated...Godmum etc...he is really low...

oreneta said...

I'll call and see if my braitone is back or if I still sound like a man. He must be miserable. Poor thing. I'll see what silliness I can think up for him!

Hospital and all. Ugh. Quick test for meningitis, not a final one obviously, but a quick one, have the child/person, look down at their own belly button while standing as straight as they can, if their neck hurts, worry. Actually no, get thee to a doctor fast.

Glad he's recovering enough to be bored and lonely, that is a good sign.