Friday, January 21, 2011

Fridays are good days, no?

Lots going on here.  We are looking at moving my workplace fairly soon, there are a variety of reasons the boss/owner wants to do this and we are sweating the details at the moment.  My two minute commute on foot?  Should be down to one.  Unreal, no?

On anther note, you really really really should go and have a look at this site,  The work is delicious!  If you're lucky enough to live in TO, you could go and see this work that he has completed and that has just been unveiled.  Giant murals, free!  If you go, let me know it it's as beautiful in real life as it is on the net.  They're in the lobbies of the condos at 10 Capreol Court.  There are two.

After that I feel intimidated to put up my latest completed project, but what the heck:

You can get an idea of the size from the clothes pegs at the top.  The painting is at the very top of the house and the tape measure at the very bottom, but maybe - and I am terrible at this - it's 2 X 3', more or less.


Trish said...

wow, those are amazing murals! Although I think I like yours better . . .

Kim said...

2 x 3 FEET?!!!! Congratulations! It is really quite delicious. Amazing YOU! I will trot off and look at your link now although I am not in TO nor will be any time soon. Yup, loving my own Friday nigh!

Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. I think your work is gorgeous. I love that you are going to have an even shorter commute : ) How wonderful is that?

Mother Theresa said...

Don't feel intimidated...size isn't everything! ;)

No, but seriously, I think your painting is fantastic.

J.G. said...

The murals are amazing--wish I could see them in person!

I like your latest work, too. It must be very different to work big. At the risk of asking too large a question, how do you know when a particular work is finished?

oreneta said...

Aw Trish, thanks!

Kim, yeah, that's the typical size though I should measure properly. Most of the canvas a day are smaller though, like a hardback.

LwK, Yeah, the commute is pretty sweet!

Mother T, thanks!

JG, I'm waiting till next summer, then I'm going to go. How do I know when their finished? They look it. Also I usually have an idea of where I want it to go before I start, though frequently I get there and decide that they need to continue onwards. Some are straightforward and some end up in the pending pile while I wait to ponder them some more. Sometimes they are finished and I still don't really like them, so they go back into limbo in the pending pile to be reworked again....Sometimes I just like they way they look and they seem done.