Thursday, January 13, 2011


Well, I am starting to get it.

I never really did before, understand that is, how utterly obsessed painters can get.  Abandoning other responsibilites and activites in order to make/find/create time to work.

I am starting to get it.

I find myself thinking of the work when I am other places, with other people, supposed to be thinking of other things.  Like, oh, work I'm paid for.

Like meeting the architect today.  (more bureaucracy - I know it's getting bad because I can now spell bureaucracy on the first go.)

I was late.

Like sleeping.  Went to bed at 2am yesterday, and I am forcing myself to stop today at 12:30, not so much cause I'll be tired tomorrow, though I will, I was today, but mostly because I am too tired to paint well, and it shows.

Darn it.

Gonna have to watch this one that I don't get taken too far on this ride.

Too bad I'm not earning good coin with the painting (yet) so I could make a living doing more of what I am loving doing.

I should shut up and be happy I have the space, time and life that allows me to do all that I can do.

Cause I am darned lucky that I can and I should see that.

I do see that.

I also see a need for a wee bit more sleep!

Cheers, hope you had a great one,



Mother Theresa said...

Don't you just hate knowing how to spell bureaucracy? ;D

Trish said...

Sleep does a world of good for bringing things into focus.

kate said...

Hmm, I think it's neat that you are getting into that space (though it is inconvenient when you have a life to attend to! Enjoy it!

And, what is that fish thing you've got in your sidebar? Is it totally random, or are the movements based on something? Holy engrossing time-waster! I have to get off this page or I'm going to be watching fish all night as if I needed another excuse to procrastinate studying!

kate said...

Okay, I *really* need to get off this page! I just discovered that if you mouse over the fish thing, they come after you!

You really have a much more noble excuse for going to bed late than I do!

J.G. said...

The fishies are such fun!

Haven't hit any art obsessions, but I get in a reading obsession sometimes, where all the rest goes out the window. Funny how one priority can overwhelm the others, given the right circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Consider yourself lucky that it's a hobby/passion that's keeping you up like that. I suffer from the same illness. But with work. Not the same kind of fun.

oreneta said...

Mother T, it is indeed quite a bad sign.

Trish, magic that way isn't it!

Kate, Eldest wanted me to put up the fish, I was looking for a widget to hook up my itunes list to the blog, seems that hasn't emerged yet, or I haven't found it anyway, and we saw the fishies, they are rather entrancing. If you click, you feed them too!

JG, Obsessiveness can be OK, in moderation, no?

ElP, That isn't so good......not the same kind of fun at all. Pays better though.