Sunday, January 16, 2011

Out and about again!

We were out and about again, we went up to Vic, which was lovely, we did some serious 'scenic route work'. We're going to have to google map it just to find out where we were.

We also ended up in a little tiny town called Gironelles for lunch. A pretty little town, with very few of the original buildings. Looks like it was pretty much leveled in the civil war. Have to do a little homework to find out a bit more about that.

Anyway, a couple of shots from Vic,

Montserrat in the back of this one,


and an utterly charming door knocker from that town.


thecatalanway said...

isn't it nice to have these interesting places so close for visiting. We like taking the scenic routes too - and finding unexpected places. Enjoying your blog very much - every time I read it I think MUST GO RUNNING! But as yet haven't!


oreneta said...

It is lovely, I'm going to have to get a driver's license here so that I can do a bit more of it all. Ho hum. I am so waiting for my hamstring to heal so that I can run. I may have to resign myself to running in circles on a track, kinda my idea of hell, but if it is flat......either that or the beach.