Thursday, January 20, 2011


This is a testament to the sheer astonishing unthinking stupidity that I, and I imagine others, can display when not fully awake.

A guest left today, fairly early.  As a result I too woke up QUITE early, but stayed in bed as I didn't have to get up.  After a while of not falling asleep, I turned on the bedside light.

We got it second hand and it is FADING!  It is tippy, being basically round and about a week ago, the holder for the shade snapped, leaving the shade iteslf attached, but really very wobbly.  Then last night the shade itself came loose from the holder.  I balanced it carefully in place and went to bed.

So, this morning, when I turned on the light and then set to reading, I eventually noticed a smell.  A funny burning kind of smell.  Now those of you who are fully awake can see where this is going.  After a while, an embarrassingly LONG while, I figured out that I was melting the plastic lamp shade and fusing it to the bulb.  Clearly not a flourescent!

I rolled dazedly over and flicked the shade onto the floor and fell back to sleep, without turning off the light.

Faint memories of Eldest coming in to see what the heck the stink was, she gets up EARLY for school too, and being assured by me that it was not a problem.  Having been told that, she left; also without turning off the light, which has a hefty wodge of lamp shade soldered onto it.

Finally the man got out of bed and went downstairs, then came back in to investigate the continuing smell, and, genius that he is, turned off the light.  I again somnolently explained why it stank and dozed off again.

This evening I turned the same light on again, fused plastic and all.  No replacement bulbs and too few lights.

The man reappeared upstairs wondering for the second time in a day what the stink was about.  Evidently my early morning grumbles were not clear enough and it was only this evening that he realised that there was a melting stinking chunk of plastic fused to the light.

Just turned it off again, too stinky!

May have to chuck that light altogether tomorrow.  Back to my every stylish headlamp!


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Ach, that must really stink. Can't be good for the lungs either - I bet Chuck was at the opposite end of the house!

Anonymous said...

This is a sure sign that you need more sleep.
I got a birthday cake today that says I am an old sage (or past it take your choice) So listen to me
Sea Dog

Boo and Trev said...

Brilliant! Your grandfather would be proud of you. Forget about health and safety and keep using that electrical item until it packs in! Trev was always rolling his eyes at some of Dad's wiring etc.
By the way on you top picture, which is lovely, I have 2 borders of the previous 2 pictures that were there. Is that deliberate or blogger being strange?

Anonymous said...

just make sure you don't set the house on fire, m'kay? After all the time and money invested in it, that'd be a shame.

oreneta said...

Bodhi, it did indeed stink, and the dog did head off.

Sea Dog, I'm napping, honestly! Happy wisdom day, though a wee bit early, no?

Boo and Trev, glad it runs in the family anyway, I've got an excuse. I've no idea why you're seeing borders of old images, that should be impossible as I deleted them. Empty your cache maybe? No idea.

ElP, No, we don't want to set the house on fire, that would be a big fat drag indeed. Will do.

Lamp has been dumped by the way, so all clear.