Saturday, January 22, 2011

Drawing and art and history

I am drawing every day, this is a commitment I have made.  Part of the challenge of it is finding something to draw every day, I have been lucky because I found this feed, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.  They send, to my feed reader, an image from their collection every day.  This is a delight in itself and makes the drawing issue so much more fun.

The other thing I adore about it is that I then spend 20 min to an hour looking at a piece of art in a very intense way.  Today's feed was to this piece, a medieval plaque with the martyrdom of Sister of St Vincent of Saragossa, who hopefully got to be a saint too!  It didn't really fill me with joy, so I flipped up and down in the collection a bit till I got to this one which is an utter delight.  I am a wee bit prejudiced around medieval art, seems all kind of a sameness and not very detailed.  This one, has changed my mind, over the course of copying it for half an hour I am STUNNED by the detail in the work, the look in the eye of the two men, the detail in the shaping of the naked torso's musculature.  It is an astonishing piece.

Getting the chance to study these pieces, on line from home is one of the side benifits of this project.  The other delight is that I time myself by listening to two episodes of a History of the World in 100 objects from the BBC a delight in every way!

Well, that's what I'm loving today.


Tya said...

Glad you got to love medieval art a bit more today! I know it's my passion! ;)

oreneta said...

I like medieval art, I know it is fascinating, I particularly like the tapestries, but I hadn't realised that there were artists capable of that sort of detail, looking at the iconography, it seems so much more stilted.