Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Chuck went for a walk in the hills again and got all puffy faced again.  Something in the mountains, which sucks for every last one of us, I've lost my running buddy, the man his walking buddy, Chuck won't be off leash for a month, (sucks!) and I won't be making it to the hills nearly so much.  POO!

Bright note, one friend has agreed to run down to the beach with the dogs so he can get a run around down there anyway.  Thanks goodness for good friends.

I am too busy painting to blog much more this evening, I may toss up  some photos, or I may crash sometime.

On another note, one of youngest's comments that I love best, when in a modern gallery and flagging turned to me, pointing at an object in the middle of the room, 'Is that art or can I sit on it?'



Kim said...

yeah, well obviously it's an allergic reaction to something growing right now. It will pass, but yeah, it sucks being Chuck right now. Since it didn;t happen last year this time (or maybe it did?) it will likely pass once whatever it is finishes it's pollen cycle.

Mother Theresa said...

"Is that art or can I sit on it?" Love it! Poor Chuck, I hope he'll be better soon, but at least he has a place to run.

Boo and Trev said...

My friend's little Westie has a grass allergy and she has to be slathered with cortisone cream before she can go out. Poor Chuck! I always thought mixed breeds were a bit more robust but maybe I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

oooh that is unfortunate. Another thought might the run in the mountains more have cooincided with the effects of the cortizone wearing off, which just so happened to be when u were out in the mountains? Wouldn't that be nicer?
Hope poor old doggy is ok.

New work is very dynamic, love the layers of work here. Amazing. Keep pushing!
Would love to chat re some parenting issues if u have a sec...


Anonymous said...

Hope it's not some kind of pollen or grass or plant from there :(.
And I love that comment from youngest :)

J.G. said...

Sorry to hear about Chuck. How would you dare take chances when the reaction is so serious? Not something I'd want to test, if guessing wrong means he's an emergency case! Poor boy.

oreneta said...

Kim, if it happened last year it was much milder and we didn't notice. Allergies can do that. Nasty things.

Is it art or can I sit on it has become something of a byword in our family. So true sometimes too.

Boo and Trev, so did I! He is a mutt, but what can I say. He also has leishmania which weakens his system generally, mosquito born so nothing to do with genetics. The cortisone may be the last ditch effort if all else fails.

Nomad, you are always so encouraging, and I would be so very happy to chat.

ElP, they think it's caterpillars, it can't be too pollen-y as he isnt' bothered most of the time, something he is stuffing his face into I guess.

JG, it is a little alarming, we're going to have to return some day and hope for the best. We'll do it when the vet's office is open.