Saturday, May 3, 2008


I'm still prickly and itchy and blotchy and dried out and swollen. All on my face and neck, and I have been dosed with antihistamines something fierce....hopefully to some avail. I am not actually scaring people, but OMG I look like someone smeared a think layer of lumpy oatmeal under the first layer of skin on my face, and it has made me the skin go all red and stiff.

Nice legs, shame about her face!

The girls are upstairs on the terrace tonight as I, punchy with anti-histamines, type. They have two friends over from down the street; you see, youngest got herself a tent with some of her Christmas money from her Grandparents, and they are having a sleep-over in it...more like a giggle-over, but that is how it should be.

I've been up five times now to tell them to settle is getting quieter now at 11:55 pm.....

I am impressed, the first time I slept out in a tent was in the backyard with my sister and the girl from across the street, who I am STILL friends with. We went back in by 10pm (after eating an entire container of grocery store icing), then again, I was in a backyard in TO with raccoons and skunks and foxes trolling around...then again, we may have been hallucinating from the icing induced sugar high.....this time, the kids are on the terrace with nothing more than the dog going by, and all they got was some popcorn and warm milk with sugar in it (very Catalan...they thought that honey in warm milk would be fastic - disgusting)....still, pretty brave of them I think.

The Catalans call a sleep-over a festa de Pijama...yup, a pyjama festival!!!

Great name.

If I hadn't been so dopey, I would have taken a photo of the tent on the terrace, maybe I'll manage in the morning....I'd scare them witless if I went up now and set off the flash.


Anonymous said...

Very much a pyjama party but we only call it that if there are 2 or more guests from different families. Sounds like a good time for the girls. The one summer we spent in the town near us, we had a small yard. We set up the tent and the kids slept/played in it. The one grumpy neighbour made a comment to his wife in anger "Don't they ever shut up". More the motivation to get on an acreage where kids can giggle and not have to worry about disturbing the neighbours.

I do hope your condition clears up. Funny what you said about the legs and face;-).

Beth said...

Hope the antihistamines have kicked in. (Guess you're not going to post a picture...)
It must be awful trying not to scratch your face.
Take care.

mmichele said...

hope you get your face sorted out. sounds really uncomfortable...

oreneta said...

Dawn, we had two guest, both from the same family..they did have fun.

Beth, thanks, they may have, but it is still slowly spreading, and not really improving....I don't think you'd really want to see a picture.

Michele, thanks I hope so is frankly pretty uncomfortable, but I am actually starting to get used to it. Strange but true.