Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chuck in the woods. En Chuck en el bosc

Chuck when walking in the woods near the cabin where we're staying is on full alert.  A sort of mixture between enthusiasm, high curiosity and alarm.   En Chuck, quan estem caminant pel bosc a prop de la cabina on vivim ara veure tot amb una concentració...una barrege d'entusiasme, curiositat i po.  

After dark, the balance shifts a bit to more alarm, still curiosity and rather less enthusiasm.  He's pretty content to get back indoors.  Quan fa fosc, canvia una mica cap a més po, encara curiositat i no tan d'entusiasm.  Està ben content de tornar a dintre la cabina.

When we saw a deer and a couple or raccoon this morning, he was pretty thrilled and the bunnies are GREAT fun to chase.  Aquest matí, hem vist unes ósos rentadors, i un cervol estava emocionat i els conillets són molt divertit per seguir.

Animal count today?  1 deer, 2 raccoons, lots of bunnies, big and small and that's about it.  Yesterday, mallard ducks, male and female, Canada Geese, adults and teens, blue jays, red wing blackbirds and los more bunnies.  Avui hem vist, 1 cervol, 2 ósos rentadors, molts conills, grans i petits i ja està.  Ahir, uns anecs mallard, mascles i femellles, oces Canadencs, joves i adults, moltes conills i alguns ocells.

Not too shabby.  No gaire malament!

L'internet va SUPER lent, no puc fer cap correcció.  Em sap molt de greu les faltes.


Anonymous said...

deer? wow! You must really be very remote... (Although in here, I saw deer pretty close to civilisation, including on the highway a couple of days ago...)

Helen said...

Sounds great. There must be SOOO many new smells for Chuck, so he's way out of his comfort zone. You can imagine him sniffing saying 'Good lord, what is that?'

oreneta said...

Somewhat remote, though really not that remote...

Helen, Chuck doesn't take his nose from the ground, a bit unnerving for him honestly.