Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ran a race. Vaig fer una cursa

I had two goals, going in.

1.  Don't break anything

2.  Don't come last.

the results?

1.  Done, nothing broken

2.  Anti-anti penultimate, and very happy about it.

Tenia dues objectius per la cursa:

1.  Que no trenqui res

2.  Que no sigui l'ultima

Les resultats?

1.  Fet, no vaig trencar res

2.  Era l'anti-anti-penultimage, i molt contenta de ser-ho.

Very fun day.  Un dia molt divertit.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on reaching both goals :).
It's the same thing for me with Climbing. I don't see myself climbing lvl 10 routes blindfolded and using only one leg, but what I manage so far makes me feel good :)

oreneta said...

Thanks!!! There is a certain joy in meeting your own goals, however humble, no? Though 12K isn't all THAT humble to me!