Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Loss. coses perdudes

This has been a bit of a season of loss, mostly of gain, but also some loss.  Feels...uncomfortable.

Some losses are minor, some silly, some pending or possible and major.

Pending/possible? Friends with cancer.  Simply speaking, it sucks.  Hate it.  Gonna have to go and walk another 100k, what else can I do.

Loss, silly loss, but goodness gracious with all this running? The girls are disappearing on me, not my kids, but the girls.  I have never been exactly heavily endowed, shall we say, but this is getting silly.  I came here with two bras, one doesn't fit at all, but I brought it just in case, one did, but not so much now.....though maybe it's getting to where I needn't bother.  Save me some shopping anyway!

Then there's gains, like health with all the running, and now I float, which is a weird one, last time that happened was in the Dead Sea... and skunks being stinky outside the cabin every night and lots of wildlife to view, and drives and runs further north to offset the outrageous dreadfulness that is outer GTA.  

Seems I need a good chunk of time outside of cities for being happy.  Had it on the boat, have it in Spain, creating it here.

Loss, offset by gain usually anyway.


thecatalanway said...

Hi there just plugging in for the first time in days. Sorry about this feeling of loss - there are times when things start to change rapidly and the letting go seems to be bigger than the receiving the new. Friends - always a horrible thing to face up to - we all of us are so fragile. Love and live in the moment!
Good to hear from you. We are somewhere in France, nearing Calais. Off to make up the bed in the van now and sleep the sleep of the exhausted travellers. lots of love Kate xxx

oreneta said...

Hi Kate, always lovely to hear from you....hope the voyage is going well, you must be there by now. Oxx