Monday, August 5, 2013

Backus Woods, that would be Saturday

We went off to Backus woods the day before yesterday, near Long Point on Lake Erie.

LOVE this place.  It is the largest stand left of the Carolinian forest in Ontario- therefore probably Canada.  It has great big huge fat Tulip trees, the Man's favourite tree....and I love it too.

Plus lots of wildlife and paths and many many mosquitos.  Though I seemed more bitter flavoured than Eldest and the Man who were along.

They also have a bunch of old houses collected together so you can go and see what some of these buildings were like!

Here, have a look.

Eldest got her hands into flour in the mill, then onto me...

Huge trees make huge planks.

That's a nice house size....

Octagonal school of few in Ontario..

Chuck seems to want to go to school....

Big bright open airy space, no?

Great Blue Heron

A huge Tulip tree....

Weird fungus....doesn't look too edible to me.

Plus a video of the mill wheel spinning!


Anonymous said...

What an charming little old school... and what's the point of mills if you can't just put flour paw prints everywhere? :D

oreneta said...

Darn tootin'!!!