Saturday, August 3, 2013


Now, Chuck...well, Chuck has a thing about bees, wasps, flies, all those things that fly and make a buzzing noise.  He feels compelled to hunt them down and eat them, but he actually doesn't want to do this, so if given the option, if there is even one little tiny fly, he will go inside.


Hates them.

Now, a hummingbird, to Chucks eyes, is the mother of all buzzing flying insects. The stuff of NIGHTMARES!

We did not realise this until today when he started barking at them, and barking and barking.  If one had been silly enough to come close, he would have definitely tried to eat it.

Bad dog.

Fortunately, they weren't that stupid.

They are however remarkably hard to capture with your average point and shoot camera.

Especially with barky dog wailing away next to you,

so here,

the best I could do.

For you.


Anonymous said...

never seen a hummingbird in my life... But I'd love to take up the challenge of photograhing one :)

oreneta said...

NEVER?!?!?!? Really???? Are there hummingbirds in Europe? Hmmmmm.....Just went to look. NO! Hummingbirds don't live in Europe. Well that's a shame and nine tenths!

They are amazing. You'll just have to come over and see one. They are relatively hard to see and find and wicked hard to photograph.