Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What I did this evening

Do you recognize him?  That's Neil Gaiman.  Eldest is a MASSIVE fan, and when we found out he was coming to Toronto, we got tickets.

So Eldest and I and a friend went off to see him this evening.  Youngest was supposed to come but got a better offer!  (Two weeks sailing with a friend!)  I got there first and very early, then Eldest, who went inside and twitched, then the friend, in we went.

Chatted, wrote a question for him, chatted more, waited and it was all lovely and good

Then he came out. He read from his latest - and very good indeed - book, The Ocean at the End of the Lane.  There were questions, many were funny and he was wittier and funnier still.  Then he started to sign things.  And sign and sign and sign.

They sensibly decided to call people up by row, and Neil said they would do it as a lottery, a good way, so the rows are out of order, but it did mean you hadn't a clue when you were leaving.

Neil signed books for Eldest, admired her t-shirt and all is very good indeed.

Smart, witty funny man, who writes smart witty (frightening) wonderful books.

Read some.


Anonymous said...

I have heard a lot about him, but have yet to start reading any of his books... Lucky you got to see him and get some books signed :)

Joy said...

I'm excited that you and Eldest got to see him! I am excited that I get to take my oldest boy to see him in Rotterdam in 9 days!! (Not that I am counting or anything. Heh.)

oreneta said...

Worth reading Padawan, surprised you haven't yet! You could start with Good Omens which he wrote with Terry Pratchett....

Joy! It'll be a JOY!!!

Anonymous said...

Will look for his book.... thanks and I am glad you had a great time!

oreneta said...

They're very good, but kinda scary in spots...not gory scary, but well, evocative.