Friday, March 25, 2016

Galicia, Camino de Faros, dia 2! Fins a Marxía

Another gorgeous day, this one quite different.  While the first day was all wide open and windblown and savage, this was much more cosy.  Walking through old villages, past tiny little old water mills, there was some beach but mostly it was interior.  Very different and very lovely.


This is a completely typical church for the region we were in.  The bell tower and the mildew.  It is a damp part of the world.

Catalans love trees, there are not so many magnificent specimens,  but this is one of them.  I have to confess, I have also come to love a good tree.

we were walking down from Puena de Porto to the sea along, what is called in Catalan, a ria - which is the part of a river that is tidal.

A lot of the walk was through forests like this:

we came across these old boats, not going to float again, though they surprisingly still had their engines!

This neighbour does.

Already doesn't, most definitively, float.

This is the marker for the Camino de Santiago.  This I will do.  The northern route.

This was one of the markers for the camino de faros.  A lovely design, although the green is not easy to see in this green land.

We walked along the stream here, and there were a series of lovely little mills.

We got down to the sea and found some star fish!

 And, of course, the sea.

tomorrow, some photos from the town at the end of this day's walk.