Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The dangers of working with teens and other young people!

Really, you wouldn't think it, but this is a dangerous task.

My working day has been bracketed by Justin Bieber's 'Love yourself' first we played the song, and kinda sang along, then at the end, they were singing it themselves.

In the middle, I sang the same four bars over and over and over and o.v.e.r. in my head.


I have been playing the song on repeat in headphones for the last hour so that I learn the lyrics and I can sing more than 4 bars to myself if it is going to stay stuck there.

Fortunately, it is the one and only Bieber song I like.

The risks I take.


elPadawan said...

Ouch, I feel sorry for you. Is it safe to call that song an "ear worm"? :)

oreneta said...

What did they call that giant ugly monster from Star wars, or the one from Dune? Sandwoms? Jabba the Hut?

That would be more like it I think. It is STILL running through my head frequently!