Thursday, June 7, 2018

Chuck was sick

Poor Chuck was sick…he had the runs.

Woke us up at 3am cause he needed to go.  Thankfully this didn’t involve getting in the crappy kayak!  We were at a dock at least.  The man, wonderfully, took him for a walk.  Then he woke us up again at 5.15 or so, I took this walk…it was pretty much full day at this point.  I took him off for about an hour and a half walk.  He then spent pretty much the entire day asleep.  Not scratching, not responding to noises around us, not eating breakfast, just sleeping.  Hard. This is why we stayed in place today, the next harbour we need to get to is at least a 5 hour sail away and with a dog that HAS to poo, that is a problem.

He went for a walk again around 4pm, and was doing better, kinda limp and uninterested and went to sleep, hard, while I was using wifi over by the harbour master’s office.  Came back and slept.

He did, however eat dinner, mostly rice with a little kibble mixed in and we went for a walk for over an hour and he was more interested in the world and fighting me to try and sniff things, he even ran a bit. 

Here’s hoping we have a quiet night and a nice sail tomorrow.  At least we're in a lovely place, and it was not too pricey.

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