Sunday, June 10, 2018

Just hanging out

Oh my, I've finally achieved it.  I am not sure it is something that our culture values a lot, and I think in many ways we're mixed about it, but it is lovely to be able to just sit and not feel you have to do something.  To just sit and listen to the birds or look at a beautiful view.  I get caught up and start feeling that I should be making use of my time (how protestant is that!)  So if I - oddly - have nothing to do I should read, or paint or listen to a podcast...something!

And this is good, striving to improve is important, but it is also important to sometimes just be, to just hang out and not do much of anything, and we have finally gotten to a place where I can do that for a while.  There is nothing I have to strive for or organize, and it is lovely.

I've been making short audio files of what I am hearing and it is a marvelous way to just be. 

Here are links to three audio files, I hope this works.

Sounds below when we are sailing in calm water with a light wind

Gilleleje at 3am

The Church bells in Gilleleje with an echo.


Anonymous said...

I've finally read all these blogs. I love them. Wonderful photos. The houses in the village are amazing. I'm so glad you are able to ruminate about happiness. See you soon! Sea dog

oreneta said...

Thank you!!!

Adit said...

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