Friday, July 13, 2007

Ambulatory feasts

Well it's the weekend thank goodness, and I have two goals for the next couple of days. A nap on every day. Yessirree Bob, that's what my aim is. Napping.

The dog just climbed onto my bed, I swear to you that beast is getting naughtier every day. He is an absolute punk about stealing food now.


We went for a walk with the dog this evening that turned into something of an ambulatory feast. First we found black berries, yummy, then we headed to the last of the mulberries, then over to a friend's house where we had blueberries, waffles, that they had made themselves, and ice cream along with a touch of Turkish delight. I also got an invite for Sunday to go over and check out their new to them 26 foot sailboat. Go and kick the tires so to speak.

Then I am going to go to bed and READ!!!! It has been soooooo long....I may stay awake for a bit. Now you frequent readers my have thought that I did that last night, but after posting my friend from upstairs came down and we talked a little longer than was good for my recently recovered self so today was again a bit of a stagger, but tonight....I will read, at least a page!

And I will nap tomorrow and Sunday. I. Will. Nap. BOTH. Days.

And, for your entertainment, the owner of these feet shall remain nameless, but this is a fairly impressive party trick!

Impressive, eh!


Beth said...

Eating, reading, napping - all soothe and refresh the mind and body.
Go for it! (And good luck...)

oreneta said...

Beth:Thank you very much, I intend to try...