Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Weird car events

Kind of a strange day on the roads today. There were two incidents, both somewhat strange and alarming. The first was while I was at a red light last night. The car in front of me, the first in the queue, was stopped, the back door opened and a boy of about ten jumped out. His foot was caught in the seat belt, but no biggie, he had a letter in his hand and was aiming towards the mailbox. Suddenly, and before he got his foot clear, the car started to move ahead with the green light. Now please note here ladies and gentlemen, that not only was the boy entangled in the seat belt, but the car door was still open when the driver, presumably his dad, started off....The rather frightened (something of an understatment) boy hopped backwards beside the car while trying to free his foot and I sat in horror behind him thinking he was going to be dragged under the wheels. Thankfully he got free after only what felt like a month and a few hops and went to the side of the road where he burst into tears. Jerk dad backed up carefully before getting out and walking scowling over.


I went by a few minutes later and they were still sitting there and the kid seemed fine.

Weird, eh?

Uncomfortable too.

The next weird one was when I was walking the dog, early in the morning...way too early in the morning. I was tooling peacefully down the street when I noticed a guy was lying curled up on the sidewalk with a jacket under his head leaning against the front wall of a yard. Now this fellow was well dressed, not a suit mind you, but clean and well dressed, watch and all, although no shoes, and he appeared to be asleep. There was a car parked beside him and a woman standing beside the car talking on a cell phone not looking at him. A little strange I thought...as I went past I asked her if she needed a hand and she assured me he was fine, so off I went, again feeling rather uncomfortable about the situation.

The only thing I can figure, the only rational reason for this is that he has epilipsy and was recovering from a seizure. Certainly you wouldn't get out of a reasonably padded car to go and smash yourself up on the pavement, so I can only assume he was much more comfortable on the cold hard early morning sidewalk as he tried to get himself together.

Very strange.

Eldest is still ill, although we have better pain killers so she is coping somewhat better, and we have started the anti-biotics. Cross your fingers for her that they work. Youngest is still impressively scarred, but otherwise fine.


Beth said...

Very weird road incidents.
How could you not know your child had opened the door and was out of the car?

My fingers are crossed as to the antibiotics working. Is the doctor suggesting tests?

Trish said...

Beyond the Twilight Zone {shudder} that poor boy must have been terrified...

Hey, I've nominated you for an award!

oreneta said...

Beth: I mean really, I agree, how could you not know...

Trish: It was absolutely horrid. Shudder is bang on.

Thanks for the award!!