Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Crap dinner, but great company

Well, I managed to burn pasta tonight. I think that deserves some kind of freaking award anyway.

The girls had, shall we say, a FEW crises this evening, on top of me returning from work exhausted and suffering from a mild case of sunstroke/heat stroke...so my attention wasn't really on the meal...burnt the damned pasta. Tossed a can of coconut milk on top, squirted in some honey and bailed out. Needed a new view to say the least.

Went to a friend's house, her kids are great too, as is her husband, although no one else was home. We ate burnt pasta with coconut milk, it almost sounds like something you'd see on a nouveau cuisine menu when you say it that way doesn't it? The kids swam and splashed and were HAPPY thank goodness, and we chatted which was simply wonderful. Fortunately she had already eaten and didn't have to suffer one of my moments of culinary genius.

Now I am heading to bed, much later than I wanted, but what can you do.


Why can't we have the siesta here?


Dorky Dad said...

You burned pasta? HOW???

I burned boiled water once. But I was a kid. I now know that you can't leave the boiling water on the stove in perpetuity.

Beth said...

Your life sounds absolutely hectic right now.
Hang in there...

Beth said...

burned pasta? mmmmmm ;)

You are so crazy right now....siestas sound good, huh? when do you go back?

oreneta said...

DD: Too little water, too much time.

Beth: Thanks. Hectic feels like a wee bit of an understatement at the moment.

Beth: What a loser, eh? Siestas are the best. We don't go back till Sept *sob*

Helen said...

I have lots of great culinary disasters too - sometimes one us just above mundane things like cooking (!). Other times one is just completely brain dead and the hands do things without the brain paying any attention whatsoever. My favourite and completely not recoverable from disaster was putting 3/4 of a tablespoon of salt in instead of 3/4 of a teaspoon. Couldn't save that one - even Mum the genius saver had to throw that one out (though I was only about 11 at the time). A good recovery is actually being a good cook, which is where Mum excelled. Take the burnt pasta and make it edible (ish) - excellent!!