Monday, July 2, 2007


I just went over to our house, the one we own, and the tenants are gone. I am very glad. They were great tenants, but it was getting a little weird at the end and I had nightmare visions of them staying on and not paying rent, so now, although there is no one living there and paying rent, at least there are no squatters. I also now have quite a long to do list for the place. Of course today is Canada day, and all the stores are closed. Ho hum. I will go over and clean and garden though which should help. This week is going to be a wee bit busy though I must say.


It is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be though so...lets hope it re-rents fast. We need the cash.

I am over the three of the biggest worries I had though, flying the dog, the tenants leaving, and the state of the house. Now all I have to do is work hard. That I can manage.


Beth said...

wish I could help you clean...not really1 ;)

I'd be afraid too...renting and not actually being there to keep an eye on things...

oreneta said...

Beth: Wish you could help me clean, I suspect it would be a whole lot more fun...can't really blame you for not wanting to though, it sucks.