Sunday, July 22, 2007

Kids are smart

You know why kids are smart? They're really good at thinking outside the box. Here's two examples from this weekend.

The girls and I traded rooms this weekend, they had had the bigger room because, well, there were two of them and the man wasn't arriving anytime soon, but their mess expanded to meet the size of the room, so a trade was in order. The other problem was that my fancy work clothes hang in a free standing curtain fronted armoir, which is decidedly un-dogproof, and as said dog spends a good portion of the day locked in my room while the rest of us are out and about, there was a problem about him eating my clothing, something he has done in the past. I was contemplating this difficulty when youngest looked at me and proposed that I simply turn the cupboard around to face the wall. Well there you have it, problem solved.

Today, baddog got his front legs up on the table and lapped up about a third of our tuna lunch from the bowl. Here was the problem. The kids had quite a craving on, but it was the last of the tuna. The almost-seven-year-old boy who lives here had the idea of washing the tuna, met dismissively by me that you cannot wash tuna. I went to the neighbours, they weren't home. Back again, when the washing the tuna idea came up again followed by and explanation of the plan. Sure enough, it was a good one. A strainer and a new lot of miracle whip later, and we're all set.

Smart kids.


Beth said...

When did we lose that ability to think outside the box? Is it all part and parcel of being "grown-up?"
(Of course, I do know some adults who still possess that wonderful ability.)

Beth said...

you guys don't like a little dog spit mixed in with your tuna...I find it gives it a certain flavor... ;)

oreneta said...

Beth: I don't know why we aren't as good at it...although I am not too bad, I have to do it consciously, it isn't the automatic reation.

Beth: Naaaw, I'm just kinda picky that way, you know, sort of a high maintenance chic when it comes to dog spit:-)