Sunday, July 22, 2007

What to do, what to do

Eldest has that d*mned belly ache I have to go and put an asterix in the middle of that d*mn because the big brother computers at work won't let me open the page otherwise. The poor thing is pained again, and we have to get the anti-biotics again. What is going ON?

I am continuing to rumble around in my head questions about why people chose the route they did. Currently I think it must boil down to which I don't mean ethics, so much as what they value out of their life, and what they are willing to invest their time and energy into. An internal list of where they would expend their precious it work, or possessions, or money, or image, or family, or or or or or

How conscious do you think we are of these things? Certainly I knew one girl who in her early twenties was an unabashed and outspoken gold-digger. She had no intention of marrying anyone who did not have at least a boat and a plane. I have to admit that at the time, and still, I admire her clarity and, well, balls in knowing what she wanted and going for it. Unfortunately she is on husband three now, so it doesn't seem to be working out for her. I do think it a shame though, I still kind of feel like she deserved it.

Then there are the folks who only dated deadbeats, or pre-meds, or lawyers, or MBA's. Strange I put all those in the same sentence...does that comment on my biases? Values? My mental list of what is most important...?

So how would your list go...goals for a life, what do you want to accomplish before your done? Given a limited fund of energy, as we all are, how would the pie chart of time spent look like in your actual life, and how if you could chose more freely? Do they match? I would love to hear....I am not sure I can do a pie chart on the 'puter here, but I'll be reflecting on what mine would look like...more later.


Beth said...

Interesting question for you to pose - it's something I've been thinking about alot these days. So far, my goals for the future are pretty basic - health and happiness for my kids and myself. Definitely, no more compromising as to what I want out of life - I just have to figure out what that is!

(Hope your eldest is okay.)

oreneta said...

Mine are pretty close, family, health, travel...I am pretty much hitting them to at this stage. We'll see what happens. I think we never stop figuring out what we're going to be when we grow up. We're only sure when we're five. Eldest is still not better, thanks for the wishes.