Thursday, July 19, 2007


I have a small problem with the potential tenants. The credit check was not, ummmm, well, good. It was bad. Very bad. So I think we are back to square one on that. Crap.

Rainy day here today, I keep being cold. Brrr.

The kids are a bit of a mess, although we finished watching Akeela and the bee last night on the computer. The one I am using has the most miserable speakers, you have to listen so carefully...I have turned the volume up everywhere I can find to....anyway, it was a fantastic movie, although if we had tried to eat popcorn it would have been completely inaudible.

We all really enjoyed watching it.

Chuck the dog dislikes rain fairly intensely. He was all excited running to the door this morning and when I opened it, he stopped hard and fast and stood on the threshold looking out for a loooong time. Then another dog went by in the street and he decided to go out. It wasn't that bad in fact.

Groceries tonight. Isn't that fun.


Beth said...

And it's raining yet again in "our" part of the world.
Enjoy your grocery shopping outing...

(Sorry to hear the bad news about the credit check.)

oreneta said...

Beth: Didn't it just rain goodness. I hate buying groceries. blah...