Wednesday, July 4, 2007

An ode to my folks, and work on the house.

My parents are the best. I have to say it. I thought I was going to have to stay and work on the house tonight until 2 am or something silly, but they came over and helped out a ton. My Dad hung a light fixture back up which was brutal to do, and he hung a door. My Mom and I went through the place and made a definitive list of what needs to be done. It is predictably more than optimistic me hoped for, but that is good too. She has a very sharp eye for what is necessary. I have to paint the living room and dining room as well, although I thought I would have to as I inspected it in better light. I also have to do parts of the hall which is a serious drag as it is a lot of work, tons of edges and it goes up two stories so it is very difficult to do. Sucks.

I have the rooms entirely prepped for painting so tomorrow I can just go right to it. Thank goodness. My Dad is going to go over tomorrow and do more work, pull up the worn rug on the front stairs and paint the porch, he may be able to replace the planks on the back porch as well.

A lot got knocked off the list, but I am seriously over-tired. I didn't teach as well as I could have today, and I am one grumpy Mama, so I think it is off to bed for me. Only 10:15! Way better than I would have managed on my own.

Thanks Mom and Dad. Really. Thanks a lot. I know you read this.


Dorky Dad said...

That's great that your parents did that for you!

Jocelyn said...

Well, since you say they read this: Thank you, even from us who don't know you, for being the BEST. I'm 40, with small kids, and I would not have such a parental support system, so I'm in awe.

Anonymous said...

*phew* sounds like progress is being made.

Aren't parents great?!

oreneta said...

DD: They are great folks. I am lucky.

Jocelyn: It is an absolute treat to have them around.

Trish: Tons of progress, tons.

Parents rule.