Thursday, July 19, 2007


Look what eldest drew!!! Pretty good, no?

And look who was out walking one night....

One of the things I am pondering these days is this....very year I feel less close to my students personally, yet I am teaching them better each year. Substantially. I don't know if it is because I am getting used to the teaching process and the first time through was the most intense, or if they are two halves of an inseparable whole, or whether my mind is sitting more firmly in the curriculum and the real material and skills I want to impart rather than the detail. Obviously you cannot become these people's friends while the course is on-going. Heck, I may have to fail some of them, yet I still want to feel comfortable with them. An interesting line of investigation occurring on the side.

On another note, if your driving one of the400 series highways in TO one of these days and you discover the frayed remnants of a car stereo, it may be mine and I gave the freak up. I am sorry, but we are talking serious CRAP radio. The CBC...OMG could those interviewers do a worse job??? I mean really the entire program is so profoundly predictable. An issue comes up, you know who they are going to get, and what the person is going to say before it even begins. There is no creativity, no thinking from another angle, no is merely a venue for public personas to get on air and say what they want to say....AAAGGGGK

So then I go over to the rock stations, which I can manage for about 5 minutes because the music is endless replays of the same crap I listened to for the last three decades punctuated by brainless commentary, and then it was topped off for me today by the add for "fat assassin" A pill you can take that kills hunger, presumably some kind of speed, but WTF???How stupid do they think we are??? How stupid are the listeners???

I listened to the sound of my tires humming on the highway. It was better than anything I could find on the radio.


The potential tenants are officially gone. Off we go again.


Beth said...

Your eldest is very talented.

Driving and music? I listen to CDs I have made (or my kids have made for me) of music I like. (Of course, you need to have a CD player in the car.)

I think the rest of the world listens to their iPods.

Trish said...

Oh yeah...I think radio is in big trouble these days. All the ads and crapola is just not cutting it any more...cds and ipods are the way to go.

Lovely picture from oldest daughter.

oreneta said...

Beth: Yeah, I don't have any CD's here, I just went to the library and got out two talking books, all the ones I really wanted were tapes and the car can't do those, but it should be do you listen to a iPod when you're driving?

Trish: Thank you about the drawing...I have to say that the CBC this evening (Sat) wasn't so bad.