Sunday, July 8, 2007

It's done; or as done as I am going to get it right now.

I did not blog while working on the house for the last eternity.

Other things I did not do while working on the house

sleep more than four hours a night
groceries...a big thanks to E who picked some up for me, the kids won't die yet
put out the garbage

I can't think I am too tired

But it is as done as I can get it right now. The listing starts soon.

*exhausted sigh*

sleep. zzzzzzzz

I even managed to doze off flat on my back, which I NEVER sleep on, on the hardwood floor this morning. I woke up with the dog's head on my arm and a thunderstorm overhead. I didn't sleep long though. I had seen the storm approaching.

Stupid blogger won't let me type a title *grrrr* WHY?!?!?


Dorky Dad said...

Get some sleep! You definitely sound tired on your blog!

Joanne PL said...

glad you are back! I was starting to wonder... sounds like it was hell ;-)

Beth said...

why? cuz blogger just sucks sometimes!!

girl, you have been b.u.s.y.....time for a spa day.

oreneta said...

DD: I'm working on it...

Nana: It was hellish. Gotta e-mail you, probably tomorrow.

Beth: Spa day... I wish...