Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Pompidou

OmGness...there are SO many tourists in this city.  You certainly know it when you walk around normally, but on the days when the Parisiennes are all out of town, or asleep in their beds.  Goodness gracious! We add another four to the pot.  

George Pompidou today....the place is spectacular...there was work by Damian Ortega which was lovely.  A room filled with a gigantic mobile, all different could walk around and through it all...and then there was a peep hole at the end that brought it all into view, and it was looking at you.

There was another piece of performance art/video art that was footage of Yemeni boys and men carrying painted cardboard signs down streets and through the wilderness while the camera follows them.

The signs had single words or sometimes double ones, they were the names of famous stars, like Mohammed Ali, and Sherlock Holmes...I still haven't figured out what it was all about...

Any thoughts?


Beth said...

Happy New Year to you!
And, no, sorry, I can't help you out with "any thoughts." I stayed up way too late last night. So not like me. Paying the price today. (No hangover - just bagged.)

She said...

Hmmm. Your guess would be better than mine. I have no idea! : )

Anonymous said...

Did you take the escalators at GPOMP up to the top to enjoy a spectacular view over Paris as you're going up?
At the time it was built it was just one of the unique aspects of the design that got raved about.

Another possibility to see Paris from up high, if you don't do the Eiffel and/or La Defence (and either one involves long queues and expense if you're a family of 4) is taking the elevator for free up to the top of the skyscraper at Monparnasse.
The natural history museum has some spectacular dinasours etc., if your kids are into that kind of thing.

oreneta said...

Beth, you party animal!! Poor thing.

She, thanks for coming by! It was quite a show.

GM, We're going to do the Eiffel if we get the weather, it is the only thing Youngest really wants to do...