Sunday, September 13, 2009

Arenys de Munt

You probably don't know who the Falanges are, but they are fascists. Spanish fascists. Franco's party.

They are alive and well and demonstrating here in Catalonia. Coming in by bus.


Seems they decided that they wanted to come to Catalonia to tell the people here what they think of their language, culture and beliefs.

They don't think they should exist. Just letting you know.

They came here rather than the Basque region presumably because they are afraid of the Basques.

Catalans are planning to have bands playing, a maybe even bouncy castles...who knows.

(Let's hope Eta doesn't show up)

The really historically amazing part of it all though is that the Catalans in that town, Arenys, got permission for the first ever referendum (symbolic, it contains no real power) to vote that Catalonia has the right to be independent, democratic and socially integrated in the European Union. The right to separate from Spain.

Organisors in Arenys have had police protection for the last fifteen days as a results of threats they have received.


400 Mossos are scheduled to arrive there. The town has a population of about 8,000. These are the same cops that were beating up students and bystanders along with causing the riots in BCN last spring at and near the University.


The falanges are going to march wearing the uniforms they wore from the civil war. That'll make all the older folks really comfie.


The really alarming thing about the falanges is that they are not just a bunch of right-wing skinhead disenfranchised yahoos....though there are some of them as well, there are lots of folks in suits with minivans.


I declined the opportunity to go and watch. I was actually tempted. History literally in the making. All too often history is not all that pleasant when it is being made.

More later.


Helen said...

Oh dear. Spain has changed so much in the face it shows to the rest of the world since Franco died that you hope it has changed as radically inside as well. Having said that it is universal because the British National Party (ie right wing racist fascists) have won local council seats in various parts of the UK, and spout racism and other crap at every opportunity. There are neo nazis in Germany and in France. Depressing though

Beth said...

"They don't think they should exist."
Ludicrous and frightening history in the making.
Be careful.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Stay safe. In Quebec City yesterday (on the plains of abraham no less) the FLQ's manifesto was read. Some things never change, some hatreds never go away. That is one of the many reasons I so want to leave here, find a more peaceful and accepting society where my language isn't considered a humiliation. And by the way, we started school on August 27! More than a week before labor day - now THAT's sacrilege!