Monday, September 28, 2009

Brmmmmmbrmmmmm, woof woof.

You know when your car starts making a weird and kind of expensive little sound.

You know how you try to ignore it for a while, ostrich like, cause you just don't want to go into the mechanics and drop a thousand bucks on the bucket.

Then you go in, and it either

a) doesn't make the sound at all and persistently is fine the whole time you are there,


b)makes the sound, which the mechanic cannot diagnose, which them disappears completely and never reoccurs, leaving you feeling a little bit like a ninny, and a little bit taken.

Chuck....he's just like a car in some ways.

Chuckbacca has been feeling a little weird these days. Sleeping a lot, falling asleep really easily, not getting up to greet people, but greeting me with absolutely frantic delight, following me around the house (which he hasn't done in AGES) getting tired in the hills and taking a long time to recover.

Finally went down to the vet.

She couldn't find anything, which was reassuring because this leishmania thing is a drag and we have to be so vigilant. She thought, and I agreed that it may be any one of a number of things. Jet lag, annoyance that we are all back at school and work, a virus, being out of shape, having too much fur for the heat here......

That said,

After we went to the mechanic vet and she couldn't find anything wrong....

He's just fine now, thankyouverymuch.


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

That Chuck! It sounds like he's alpha dog all over the place! Good idea to have him seen at the vet since he can't tell you if something is really wrong. But when you think of all the things he's done since early summer, it's been a lot. He had no way of knowing what is/was permanent. Sounds like he might just be de-stressing. Thanks for the suggestions for my deadly skin. You soaked your hand in diesel? I think I will try your other suggestions first!

oreneta said...

Yeah, we were cleaning out the diesel tank on the boat, and I spent an entire day with my arm in it, pumpingit out through a leaky pump, mopping out diesel with a cloth, and then wiping it down. The gloves gave up after about 10 min. God only knows what it did to me, but worked a charm for that split finger!

hulagirlatheart said...

Ha! Sometimes I think dogs are like humans. They just get into a funky mood for a while and then snap out of it.

C.S. said...

I've been feeling the same way lately.

oreneta said...

I think so too.....Hula...I think so too.

CS, there you go! The proof is in the pudding, well actually in the comments, but whatever.