Sunday, September 27, 2009

We interupt our regular programming

Inspired by ElPadawan's gorgeous photos of Georgian Bay, I am actually going to get around to posting some photos from the summer.

They didn't get up before this for two reasons, first,  I was insanely busy and second because I miss the boat and found it a little hard to go through the photos.....


So, here go the photos.  This first one is part of the channel that we took this summer when we were sailing.

Well, that didn't go well, I tried to upload about 10 photos and got only the last one in the wrong place.  Seems the new blogger screen needs a little work still.....

Ahhhh, you get a little window thing so you can select where to put them in your text...kinda cool....

Here we have his Chuckiness on the first day sailing. To say that he was not an entirely comfortable dog with this whole boat moving and swaying would be an understatement.  He spent the trip primarily curled up under our feet where he felt safest.

Above is some of the scenery from Georgian the rocks.  Below another navigation mark.....

The girls spent quite a bit of time teaching Chuck to swim.  In fact he already can swim, he just hates too.  Nothing a little bacon or chicken can't overcome though....

Not a happy doggie face there, though at the end he was willing to wade it, it was only when his feet came off the bottom that he wasn't so sure about all this silliness.


There she is, Oreneta in Ontario!

And Chuck later on in the trip.  He got happier on the boat and more accustomed to the entire venture....which is a good thing.  All to do again next year!

Have a great day!




Helen said...

Lovely pics. chuck probably feels that it takes so long to get his hair dry that he is reluctant to get really wet. You should perhaps have picked a short haired dog! He is lovely though. Saffy ran away from the little waves at the beach when we first got her, but now she charges in and out quite happily

Beth said...

OMG..I am so in love with Chuck. I freakin LOVE that dog!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics :). Though it looks more like Chuck pictures than Georgian Bay pictures ;). Well, I don't blame you. Thanks for saying my pictures are gorgeous, by the way, not sure they deserve the title :p.
Did you just sail through it, or do you have a cottage there?

oreneta said...

Helen, I am not sure we will ever get him to LIKE it, but we were trying to get so he didn't panic about it, which we managed. He would even wade also entertained the girls for HOURS on end. the new photo! He is so sweet. Thanks.

ElP, OK, I thought the same thing just before I posted, there were a lot more Chuck photos than Georgian Bay photos....we were sailing through so we didn't have any interesting small animal photos and there is something of a sameness to them....lots of water, lots of sky, a few rocks....stunningly beautiful, but....only so many can be posted without crossing the line into boredom.

Your pictures are great.

I'd love to have a cottage up there some day...see what happens. If I get all determined about it, we will probably pull it off somehow.