Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Chuck's Leishmania, while returning, is not severe...NO NEEDLES (for now).

That is good news.


Headed off to Ikea today with a friend to check out stuff for the new (fingers crossed) house.

The Ikea catalog can be a whole lot of fun, no?


Cava is what I keep hearing cried out at work.

My boss LOVES the stuff, and we are having quite the cava fest these days.

Cava is Catalan champagne.

We had some on Monday, at lunch in honour of my boss' birthday, and at night for another woman's, today because some of the students were new...lunch and night....tomorrow the same...

Thursday looks free,

Friday I am supposed to bring some in to celebrate the house...

Monday another girl because she is going to Austria for the year.

Then there is the third anniversary of the second bikini I ever bought, that has to be Tuesday.



Too bad I don't drink.


Teacher Mommy said...

Wow. You are going to be surrounded by a bunch of sloshed Catalans. Can you take pics?

Beth said...

It’s a good thing you don’t drink - you’d never get any work done!
Just don’t see that CAVA thing happening in the workplaces of Toronto. Maybe it should???
Hope you had fun at Ikea. I always do!

Beth said...

It's impossible to get out of an Ikea without buying something. It's a lot like a pet shop in that regard. I suspect that's why they name everything... I can usually resist a cute lamp that I don't really need- but a cute lamp named 'Brigitta'? Hopeless.

hulagirlatheart said...

No cava at my job. PLenty of Diet Coke, though.

oreneta said...


Beth, It isn't quite normal here either....fun while it lasts...I did have fun at Ikea, and I anticipate a few more trips there before all is said and done.

Beth, I bought: three clocks (for work) candles (about 40, we use them every night), low-energy florescent lightbulbs (we were starting to wander around in the dark..they're hard to find in the village), plus cookies (two packs for us and one for work...those super thin peparkakor (sp?) jobs that are sooooooo good), gooseberry jam (that they call something else, but is still gooseberry jam which I love and can only buy in Ikea when here in Spain) plus some (mediocre) chocolate that I had been craving for three days....and which I have been eating dipped in Peanut Butter - super yummy.

I think that's it.

Hula...probably better for you....not sure though. I would drink more of it anyway.