Thursday, September 24, 2009

Homework...all kinds of it.

OK, the other answer is this: (-2) to the power of four = (+2) to the power of four.

Indeed (-x) to the power of y= (+x) to the power of y as long as y is a even number.

HAH! I can't believe I got that!

We had the joy of Spanish verb conjugations, as well as synonyms and antonyms today from 10 to 10:45 pm. Yeehaw!

It is tricky to find synonyms and antonyms in a language you don't speak.

We are still looking for an architect. When we spoke to a friend who used the latest one, we were told that he is quite stubborn and our buddy had to have some fairly serious arguments to have the house done his way not the architect's way. Seems he has lost sight of the fact that he is no, oh, say, Frank Gehry and therefore we want just a wee bit more imput into the house we are going to be living in.

Fingers crossed.

The worst of it is we have a great friend in TO who is a fabulous innovative and interesting architect......who can't work here.

We'll have to get a chunk of land there some day if only to get to work with him.


Anonymous said...

Yes, dump hubris architect by the wayside. He sounds like an ass, an expensive ass to boot!

You are a math goddess and I bow to thee!

LOL, Carla

Beth said...

“We'll have to get a chunk of land there some day if only to get to work with him.”
You’re already contemplating your next real estate venture??!!

oreneta said...


Beth, never dull in my household!