Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Help me! Help me! I cant help myself!!!

My kids are pretty calm around wasps and bees. They don't LIKE them, but they don't freak out or run around and scream.

Chuck is not the same.


Completely off his nut terrified. He alternately jumps at them to get them and runs away with his ears in this really unique and peculiar position.

Clearly screaming out for me to DO SOMETHING.

Then again, if I had an internal compulsion to bite wasps, I too might be frantic to have someone remove it.

Help! Help! Get it out of here before I eat it!!!!!

Stupid pup.


Beth said...

At least he doesn't need to be humiliated on tv to know if he's "smarter than a fifth grader"- we now all know he's not.
Snapping at wasps? Not bright. Poor Chuck.

Luckily, he still can get by on his good looks...

Beth said...

If you can’t effectively swat at them with your paw, ya gotta snap at them with your mouth!
Amazing how few bites dogs get inside their mouths with this defensive technique.
Poor Chuck.

oreneta said...

Beth....it is kind of a dumb thing to do. Lord knows why he does it.

Beth, couldn't you just leave them alone? He has gotten stung in his mouth, I saw it happen. Poor thing.

I am now pretty good at getting the things out of the house fast anyway.