Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A room with a view! and with paint and an easel and a comfy chair I don't care if it gets messy and a stereo.......

Been painting, and feeling excited about it, I probably won't have a second for it after this week, as my teaching schedule goes nuts after Monday....


But but butbutbut,

I just figured out where I can put a small space for me to paint in the new house. Quiet, with a view, and I can lay it out and leave it out! MINE!

I'll let the man in there too. Two arm chairs, a little boom box...somehow I like music when I am painting, especially happy music, a table and some drawers...and the easel I am planning on making, we've got the wood, we've just never had anywhere to put it!

I am SO excited.

Now to convince the man (probably easy), the architect (should be easy) and the ajuntamin (fingers crossed)!


Cross your fingers and legs and toes and knuckles and armpits if you can for me, m'kay?

Meeting with another architect tomorrow morning....some finger etcetcetcetc crossing for that would be most welcome too. I so want to get this thing started.

Oh, and here's what I've been up too:

This first one was kind of an accident...or at least it was running with what I was handed.  Underneath is a painting I didn't like....at all, and when I went to do something over it, I discovered that my favorite giant tub of blue had turned to jello over the summer....

OK, let's see what we can do with that, and here's what I've ended up with.

Not quite done though.

This one below, I started last spring, and I think it is finish...cheery and funny.....

Feeling all Georgia O'Keeffe today it would seem.  Actually I took a bunch of photos of poppies quite a while ago and they have been stewing around on my phone for ages and today was the day. 

Not done. Blogging while I wait for paint to dry.....


hulagirlatheart said...

Fingers crossed!!! So glad you have a corner for your painting. Every woman needs a corner for her creativity and/or meditation, don't you think?

oreneta said...

Thank you Hula! Seems to have worked a charm!