Monday, September 7, 2009

Met with an architect

Well, actually not an architect, a "technic" from his office, a skilled minion I guess you could put it.

Most of the visit was fairly predictable, show her around, find out what she has to say....blah blah blah....asked how long the reno would take.

"Less than a year"

Say what???

To replace the roof, put in a bathroom, run electricity and some gas????

We're talking 6 weeks MAX....(plus the inevitable overruns)


I forsee rude comments about Spanish workmen.

Lots of them.


Beth said...

The scariest thing is that the length of time to get such work done usually goes OVER the time frame quoted!
Can you stay in the apartment while some of it is going on?
As for the rude comments? Bring ‘em on...I can take it!

featheredfibers said...

Wow!! Now that is scary!

Beth said...

I guess that Spanish workmen come from the same proud tradition as the French ones.
Good luck with that.

This is exciting, though. I look forward to following your renovation adventures!

hulagirlatheart said...

We're on week four. I would die if I had 48 more weeks to go.

oreneta said...

Beth, we will move in as soon as there is gas, electricity and a roof...spur them on!

Carla, you would think we were building a condo or something!

Beth, I think so...what is the name of that lovely guy who comes and helps you out?

Hula, I may just die myself...OMG.