Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The man was asking me for photos of all four of us together so he could send one to some friends.

Zip, nada, nothing....

Not a one.

Partially because we have no family here so one of us is always holding the camera...mostly though because I am not quite interested in it I guess. We are all here, why prove it?

That might be why I still don't know how to use the timer on the camera.

Maybe I can train Chuck to take some snaps of us.

What do you thing?



Beth said...

Chuck has to be in the family photo too! Figure out that timer or get a friend to take a picture of all of you. You'll be glad to have one...or two..or three...!

Beth said...

There's a song (by Ken Flagg, NOT Kiss) called "Beth" and the chorus says "she always gives me good advice". And I have to agree- people called Beth give good advice! You should defintely get someone to take a photo or two of you all with Chuck. It would be worth the trouble. It's too sad not to have a single pic of your happy family!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I'm with the Beths, get Chuck in the frame and learn how to use the timer. Do a photo shoot, get some props and bits of costumes, it could be fun.

Beth said...

I'll be right there with my camera!!!

Helen said...

Timers are fun - you can get some really good pictures with them. It also helps to have a mini tripod - I have one called a gorillapod which you can make hang onto a tree etc. The pic of us in the Lake district which I put on the Family blog was done with it attached to a fence.

oreneta said...

Beth, got it...and my delightful little camera, when you push the timer button takes three photos each time...enough that you end up with some decent ones. We did four separate shots and a couple came out OK. I may get braces though after looking at those.

Beth, we were surprised that we didn't have any. Got a couple now. We'll have to do that again!

Bodhi, we got his Chuckiness could we not?

Beth...could you!?????!

Helen, I am SO getting one of those...seriously COOL! I have the site bookmarked...just have to click "buy it" tomorrow.

elpadawan said...

"Relatives" is usually the excuse for learning how to use a tripod and a timer. Or ask in japanese "could you take a picture of us" to some tourist passing by.

oreneta said... interesting option. I suspect it works better in Paris than in my village though.