Sunday, October 11, 2009

Architect visit three....and the BEACH!!!

Third visit with the architect and his daughter in the bag.

They had better drawings and we spent more time sweating details, I liked some of what they had done...they built a little closet into the front hall.  That was good.

I didn't like where they put the washing machine so much....changed that up, it was eating the dining room right up.

They were killing eldest's room with misunderstanding, they thought we wanted to build a terrace over top of it, but no, we wanted the terrace over youngest's room, which changed things RIGHT up....

We had hilarious discussions about bathrooms.....

We may end up with a multi-level master bathroom before all is said and done...funky anyway...we'll have to think carefully about style.  (No glass doors on showers.  God how I hate those things.)

We will be able to put a small terrace off our bedroom with a doorway, thereby enabling us to actually get furniture upstairs larger than a modest teddy bear.

I am glad about that,

I was wondering how many bears we would have to buy to make up beds for each of us.  And where to find bears that didn't have uncomfortable glass eyes.

The architects weren't as creative in their thinking as I had hoped, think I was a little zanier.

They like bigger bathrooms than I do.

I have to confess that I view a bathroom as a necessary space in which we can perform what must be performed, but that large palatial rooms at the expense of living space is not a personal priority.

We are probably going to put a sink in both of the girl's bedrooms, eventually.  Eldest immediately, youngest when she wants her own bathroom...that way one can wash ones hands/face/teeth/whatever even when the room is occupied.

Reduction of bathroom squabbles is a good thing in my life.

You could tell that neither of them cook much  (a man and a university age girl) from how they had done the kitchen....we reworked some of that....see how it goes.

It is an interesting process anyway.

Last time they said that we would be able to start on some of the work right away, this time, they said we would have to wait to get the license all at once.

Ho hum.

We may not get the first man in for another two months.

.....on another note.....I went to the beach and swam in the SEA!!!!

Life is so sweet.


Beth said...

The planning and dream stage - the very best one until the completion stage!

Beth said...

The teddy bear bed image was very LOL-worthy. Thanks for that. I'm feeling dreadful and in need of distraction...

The idea of wash basins in the girls' rooms is brilliant! I'm sure you're right that it will really cut down the frequency of bathroom use conflicts.

Anonymous said...

Why leave Canada for Spain. I was putting the boat to bed in a high of 9 with thirty knot winds. No swimming.
Sea dog

oreneta said...

Beth, yeah it's OK, though I am not all that fond of cruising pages and pages of internet pictures of sinks and toilets.

Beth, I am all for setting up a space that reduces fighting...

Sea dog, we went swimming again today and had a gorgeous lunch on the beach....mmmmmmmmm. Then saw some Miró in town. It is fantastic to live here.