Friday, October 30, 2009

A lovely day....

I have figured out the problem with the architect.  It may be systematic.  We are looking up the word 'expect' in the dictionary, as in, when can we expect your call.

Doesn't exist.  We are left with the one word that means both wait and hope.

telling, and worrying.

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

On a brighter note I had an absolutely LOVELY day!!!!

Sent the kids to school, had a nap (Eldest will HATE that when she reads it), went to a cafe for a snack and a coffee, beat the Mac and Picasa into working together.  (Sadly never applied brush to paper), played tetris.  Think I was a little tired.  Lunch...cleaned up from the party.  Had coffee with a friend in a cafe, went for a two hour walk in the mountains, dinner, stories....and sent of a nasty note to the architect, who is on the verge of being fired.

I am not going to think about that now though, rather I am going to go to bed thinking of long naps and long walks, good coffee and good friends.

Cheers all,



J.G. said...

I think different cultures have different senses of time, which is why Westerners (Americans like me!) seem so driven and pushy to the rest of the world. (I'm trying to be tactful and not offensive here, and hope I am succeeding.)

Perhaps your architect is of the "tomorrow = whenever" persuasion? Whatever the reason, sorry to hear he is already seeming less engaged in the project!

Helen said...

The word manana (sorry don't have the accents) is Spanish after all. Thank your lucky stars you aren't in Africa. Atlantic College has a phrase called'African time' which basically makes manana look like OCD punctuality,

oreneta said...

JG....there is an element to that, though it is not is, in some of its manifestations part of what I like about Europe, the fact that people think that having lunch is something you should do, and not at your desk....but getting things done some day would be nice.

Helen. They must think I am completely haggishly OCD....what can I say.