Thursday, October 29, 2009

We had the Halloween party tonight, it went well I think...the kids certainly appeared to have fun.  The snotty girls were bearably snotty, one only had to be shot down twice, so not bad.  The wildly (emphasis on the wild) enthusiastic boys had a BLAST....You've got to love boy energy and enthusiasm, even if you do have to bar the doors and bolt the animals away....

Fun and enthusiasm is much appreciated in my corner of the world.

On that note, the architect got a bit of a tongue lashing.  The man was MUCH MUCH nicer than I would have been on the phone.  MUCH.  I did force him to ask the hard questions in the end, like, "Do you want the job?  We don't have that impression at all."  Like, "Why are you telling me to call the builder when you said that you would?"

He didn't ask all the questions I might have, like, "If I am phoning the builder to look at the house, why are we paying you?" or "How come you keep changing what you are telling us? Can't you keep your story straight?" or, "How is it that I spotted the glaring errors in the house plans and you didn't?"  or, "How come we have had to have this discussion over this doorway three times?"

If we're having to chase him around NOW, it doesn't bode well for the future me thinks.  Even if they do do things differently here.

Happy Halloween my friends.

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!


Beth said...

Good to hear the first party at the new place was a WILD success!
As for the architect – uh-oh. Hope the tongue lashing worked. You could be in a for a rough ride...or a new architect.

Happy Halloween to you, too!

J.G. said...

Ditto from me. Too bad my broomstick is in the shop or I would have flown in. Ha!

Jason, as himself said...

Happy Halloween! And good luck with that architect. If they're anything like contractors, you're in a world of trouble!

oreneta said...

He seems invulnerable to tongue lashings...I sent a nasty, no very blunt e-mail.

JG, I think your broomstick made it over here, I have been sailing around the architect's head on it! When I wasn't walking in the hills. Must repair the camera case, the only photos I have are from the stupid phone.

Jason, Uh oh indeed.

hulagirlatheart said...

Ug, good luck with the architect. I'm so glad our contractor woes are behind us...finally. Some days were like pulling teeth.

oreneta said...

Hula, lets hope this sorts itself out. I am already bone weary of the situation.