Saturday, October 17, 2009

The garden out front.

Seems it's ours and it isn't ours.

It is more ours than anyone else's but it is actually street, for all that it doesn't look like street at all.

Every single leaf, branch and stem in there is very very prickly.

We have cut back a LOT of stuff, but it looks no better as it is all piled in the middle waiting to be hauled away.  We have probably six bins worth of stuff....that should take about 12 weeks to get rid of.


The man went and chipped some plaster today, we have about a quarter of the living room done at this point.  Gotta get a bigger ladder.


Beth said...

I'd love to help - so sorry I don't live closer! ;)
(gardening is NOT my favourite chore)

Boo and Trev said...

Ooh it's like Sleeping Beauty! Are you allowed to have bonfires in your neck of the woods. Seems like a quick fix for the greenery

Helen said...

We have a great pic - not digital sadly - of Brian on top of a 8ft pile of privet clippings from the forest which was at the cottage, waving the clippers. I feel empathy!!

oreneta said...

Beth, I actually quite like gardening, and it turns out that one of our older neighbours told me that she actually had a dream about us getting the garden all cleared out!!!!

Boo, sadly, would be most efficient and we have thought of it...we can shoot off whatever fireworks we like, but I think a fire is not allowed.

Helen...that I can relate to. Our heap of prickles is about 6 feet high.