Friday, October 16, 2009

Who exactly am I anyway?

I find myself pondering and re-pondering my header photo.

When I first started this blog up (over three years and more than a thousand posts ago...goodness) I very much identified myself as a cruiser, and I missed the sailing and the Bahamas so much it hurt.

Hence the photo.

And the colour scheme.

Which has been there ever since.  I still love the photos of the Bahamas, but it is starting to feel untrue to my life.  Maybe I should go through a series of regular header photo changes, you know, from the summer in Georgian Bay, from Canada, from Spain and from the Bahamas.  Seems like work somehow, and that isn't how the blog should feel.

Still trying to figure this out every time I look at the blog.

What I am really trying to figure out is how I want to define myself.

I am discovering that that header photo is a key image that depicts who I am thinking of myself as (there's an awkward sentence!).

I'll ponder a little longer, but I suspect some changes will come into place.  I suspect it will kind of hurt to do them too.  A farewell of sorts to an era in my life that I adored and still miss terribly.


Then again, life now ain't all that bad either.


Anonymous said...

I'm usually just using a picture of "where I live". I was thinking of a mix of pictures of where I lived, but don't have time to do that ;)

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Congrats on the Mac. I, too, am hoping to go back to Mac on my next computer purchase, whenever that may be. As for your header photo, why don't you make it a photo of your new house, and update it from time to time as the renovations progress? Just a thought...

Teacher Mommy said...

I totally get this. Tomorrow's my one-year bloggiversary, and my blog has changed so much over that time--as have I. It's only right that your blog in some way reflects where you are, not only in content, but in appearance as well.

I am always amazed by the life you lead, by how you grab life and live it so fully. It's inspiring.

kate said...

Hmm, I've been blogging for five years, and I have never actually bothered to figure out how to put a photo in my header-- don't even know if I can do it with the current template. That said, I like the house picture idea, but really any of the lovely shots you've posted on here would work well.

Beth said...

I admire all who possess the capability of being creative with their blogs. As you know, from having seen mine, I do not possess that ability. If I defined myself by my blog header, I’d be one sorry sack...
As for you, you have so many gorgeous pictures. Experiment a bit??

oreneta said...

ElP, that's the thing...mixing it up all the time...don't have time for that.

Bodhi, that's a thought, though it might get a little depressing.

Teacher Mom, is a form of expression of who I am...ho hum.

Kate...I like playing with how to do photos. We'll see.

Beth, you've got a great blog, image ain't all. Maybe I should experiment a bit, it just seems sad to take down the Bahamas photos.

lillian said...

I can't understand the pondering.. change it regularly !! haha

lillian said...

I can't understand the pondering.. change it regularly !! haha

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

OK, the Bahama photo is nice, but now you are in Spain so Spain it should be. To me, Oreneta Aground can be anywhere. That's what boats do, they take you places. You're still you, just in a different locale where you are now run aground. In two years we could be looking at a picture of Paris. :o)

oreneta said...

Lillian, Thanks for the imput. have a lovely way with words. Thank you. I'll do that now.