Sunday, October 4, 2009


I had just about given up on ever wearing jeans again.

I have one pair I adore, but they are so old and worn that I truly can only wear them in public on the most extremely casual of occasions, and only when facing forward as there is a huge rip across the bum I haven't gotten around the mending.

I paint in them mostly.

When they reached this stage of decrepitude, we were at 'low tide man'...a little broke, so I started wearing the man's jeans...we are nearly the same size, but the cut didn't really work on me all that well.  Loose and tight in all the wrong places.  I wore them for a while, even put a rip in the knee, but they really weren't comfy for either of us.

They are going out to goodwill today.

I looked in BCN...OMG are jeans ever expensive here.

I looked in TO, not SO pricey, but I am too old to use neat on my p*bic hair just to go out in go.

I found a pair last spring at my favorite used clothing store, they were OK.  Not great, no hallelujah chorus or anything, but fine.

Then they went into the dryer.  You see, the friends we were staying with this summer their dryer sort of broke.  Well, it works fine, on high heat, full throttle...with no timer.

I believer the jeans were in the dryer for about 16 hours straight.

They are a mite uncomfortable.

I have been trying to stretch them out by short wearings, you know, half an hour here, an hour there.

Life is too short for that sh*t.

I've been wearing skirts a lot lately.  Comfy, and easier to find with a reasonable fit at the funky used clothing place.

I was in there on Friday looking for longer and warmer skirts for the winter and for teaching (it seems that I feel I need to wear longer skirts here than I do in TO, even walking around on the street.  I am fascinated by this difference.)


There was this pair of jeans, hanging on the overcrowded rack, sticking out a little and looking OH so cool.

Not my usual look, greyer rather than blue which I favour, but....

I tried them on...


Weirdly they are very long in the leg and kind of bell bottom-y which I haven't worn since the 70's,



but that feel of comfort....

just right.

Let's hope they still feel that way when they come in off the line!


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Jeans are such a personal thing. One man's ceiling...kind of thing. Last year I found a pair that fit p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y so naturally I bought two pair and I haven't regretted it. But I wish the Levis I love were cut for me. Not so, alas.

Beth said...

There is nothing (and I mean nothing!) like a comfortable pair of jeans. Glad you found some.

She said...

Yep. A good pair of jeans are wonderful!!! Glad you found some.

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

The only thing better than a good pair of jeans, is Raoul Bova in a good pair of jeans!


Mar said...

A comfortable pair of jeans is priceless!! well, to an extent...
now, where is that lovely shop or is it an insiders' tip??

hulagirlatheart said...

Jeans...right behind bras and swimsuits when it comes to the clothing most difficult to buy. I found a great pair last year at JCPenney's and bought three. They have a modern look but are built for middle aged women.

I also love a good skirt. I truly enjoy the femininity and the comfort of skirts and dresses.

oreneta said...

The only problem with second hand places...never two the same :-(

Beth, so very true...and hard to find.

She, thank you!

And you all HAVE to go over to Doug's site to see what he is talking about, cause he is SO right.

Mar, it is Humana! Right on...oh goodness, what street, the one that runs across the top of Plaça Catalunya, on the left hand side (facing the mtns) there is the Barça store, keep going along that street on the same side as the barça store, you'll go along, pass a correos, and the you will see it.

Hula, I love the skirts in the HEAT!

Mar said...

Thanks, Oreneta, will check that out on Wed, I should be able to find it!!

oreneta said...

Your welcome!

Lynda said...

Hmm I am a jeans girl too. And lately I have started to have thoughts about 'how old is too old' to wear jeans. I can't imagine not wearing fact I wear them so often, that my youngest claims she has never seen me in a skirt...and she might be right!