Thursday, October 1, 2009

I have no good ideas for a title.

Witty exciting post was planned,

Derailed by a throat that is apparently lined with glass shards.

Hope this downgrades to a common cold.

I am, masochistically, tackling Alias Grace as my recreational reading.  This is of course written by my all time favorite author Maggie Atwood.  Any regular readers are aware that I am LYING like the proverbial rug.

Not sure this is what I need on a weakened constitution.


If it still feels like this tomorrow, I'll head for a Dr....

Can you get strep throat without a fever?  Don't think I've had that yet.


J.G. said...

Sorry to hear you are so under the weather. Having a sore throat is my least favorite way to be sick. I recommend hot sweetened lemonade with a slug of alcohol. Very soothing and effective.

Now, why are you reading a book you don't like?

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Hmmm, yes I think you can have strep without a fever. Alias Grace was a wonderful book, IMHO, and as much as I love Atwood, I am not a fan of her more futuristic novels. This, however, is the opposite, it's historical and based on a true story.

Sounds like you've found your architect too. Yay! Let the destruction begin!

Beth said...

oh Rocky...feel better. XOXOXOX

Beth said...

This is dreadful! I'm SO sorry that you've gotten sick!!
Drinking tea and reading sounds like the best course of action.

Get well soonest!!
(PS. don't break any teeth)

Helen said...

Lemon and honey made with hot water for the throat. Also - oddly- nibbling at plain biscuits (Rich Tea for preference) somehow seems to ease the sharp glass feeling (bizarre but it works for me)I hope you feel better soon. My cold is on the wane now thankfully.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you come down with the same thing last fall? Hope this time around you'll recover faster! A warm hug of sympathy from afar! GM

oreneta said... should read books you aren't too fond of all the time! I just sort of feel I should, and of all the Atwoods, this one I feel most like reading. The fact that she did a fair amount of historical background work adds to the appeal enormously, I like learning about history or whatever when I read...also the fact that the story takes place mostly in Toronto is appealing...though I have to confess I wasn't moved to read it that night. Made better progress on the bus in and out of BCN today. I keep meaning to get out the hot sweet lemonade...I just am either busy or sleeping....

Bodhi! EXACTLY!!! I am SO good at the destruction phase, it is the construction I find more trying.

Oh Beth, you too m'kay hon!

Beth, Tea, got it, reading (on the bus) so hot. I am honestly delighted that it is just a cold, I feel so much BETTER.

Helen, I wonder if Maria cookies would work...hmmmmmmmmm

GM, it seems likely, most everyone is sniffling right about'll be here soon too! I'll do my best to be better by then.

mmichele said...

that is one of the very few margaret atwood books i ever finished. and actually liked, in the end.

good luck.

oreneta said...

This is going to be the first I finish if I do.....