Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Load up your brushes ladies and gentlemen!!!

Can I just say that I don't have work on Friday but the kids are in school and the man is at work.
Can I just say that I plan to do me some PAINTING!!!

Can I just say that I will NOT be doing me some cleaning up after the part-ay the night before...those kids want a Halloween fest, they can help clean up after it to....I've got me some colour to splash around!!!

Can I just say


Like those funky Spanish fonts???  Catalans don't use them, but since the keyboard is Spanish I thought I'd just toss them out there....


Anonymous said...



Beth said...

Enjoy your creative “me time.” Kind of like me going to my happy place... ;)

oreneta said...

Eldest, one day I imagine! Love ya!!!!

Beth, yes indeed and much needed at that moment frankly.