Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Eldest's work

I was over working on the house on Saturday, pounding more plaster off the vaulted ceiling

(look what I did!)

Then Eldest came over and asked if she could draw on her walls. I said, SURE!!!

So she did.

She drew the family crest,

then she drew

a warning to her family.  We may have to plan her funeral if the bathrooms don't meet her exacting standards.  That should be a new experience in Catalan.  Wonder how you say enbalm.

Then she went on...


Something I can easily agree with, and then finally, this:

Think I'll let her draw on her walls whenever she wants.



The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Ha! Ha! Only in Spain...and only in a house whose walls are about to come down!

Helen said...

we had a mural in our last house which the kids did in the tv room which was great. I did some clouds, but the kids did the rest, it was great.

Beth said...

She possesses the talent, humour, standards and determination of her mother!

kate said...

Very cool! And, I'd love to hear the story behind that family crest!

lillian said...


Beth said...

she gets her talent from her Mama I see.....

oreneta said...

Hey Bodhi...fun no?

Helen, do you still have photos of it? I'd love to see them.

Beth, kind of you....I think she is even more talented honestly.

Kate, the man loves to row, I love to sail, youngest loves basketball and eldest loves to write and draw!

Lillian, thanks!

Beth...awww, you're so nice.