Friday, October 23, 2009

It's 3am

I just got back from a dinner with friends.  It started at around 11:30 pm and ended around 1:30 am.  Most people finished up the meal with an espresso.

Then, with full stomachs and caffeine loaded veins they went home to bed.

I had a decaf.

Then I ran into a friend in the street and ended up talking till 3 am.

I think I will be a wee bit tired tomorrow.

Just a wee bit, no?


mmichele said...

Somehow that works in Spain... when we were there, our whole beings just shifted... not quite that late, though.

Anonymous said...

Give yourself a break once in a while - you deserve it! TAKE A HUGE NAP THIS AFTERNOON!GM

Me. what more can i say? said...


Beth said...

Perhaps a nice nap today?
I often wonder why people who eat at such late hours don't pack on the lbs. Or suffer from indigestion. I guess some do.

Helen said...

I can't do it - the body clock thinks pumpkin after about 11.00pm these days.

oreneta said...

mmichele, the way of eating does work...though the 3am stay up was a little much for this old girl.

Gm, it was fun!


Beth, would have been nice....Some must get indigestion...I can't imagine how they don't.

Helen....I am good till about 1...then pumpkin time. Normally.